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About Us

Birmingham's culture of popular music first developed in the mid 1950's.  By the early 1960's the city's music scene had emerged as one of the largest a most vibrant in the country; a seething cauldron of musical activity with over 500 bands constantly exchanging members and performing regularly across a well-developed network of venues and promoters.  By 1963 the city's music was also already becoming recognised for what would become it's defining characteristics: the refusal of it's musicians to conform to any single style or genre.  Birmingham's tradition of combining a highly collaborative culture with an open acceptance of individualism and experimentation dates back as far back as the 18th century and musically this has expressed itself in the wide variety of music produced within the city, often by closely related groups of musicians, from the "rampant eclecticism" of the Brum Beat era, to the cit city's "infamously fragmented" post punk scene, to the astonishing range of distinctive and radical electronic music produced in the city from the 1980's to the early 21st Century.

The diversity and culture of experimentation has made Birmingham a fertile birthplace of new musical styles, many of which have gone on to have a global influence.  During the 1960's the Spencer Davis group combined influences from folk, jazz, blues and soul.
Heavy metal was born in the city in the 1970's by combining the melodic pop influence of Liverpool the high volume guitar based blue sound of London and compositional techniques from Birmingham's own jazz tradition.
The Ska revival grew out of the West Midlands uniquely multi-racial musical cuculture.
The likes of the Beatles , Rolling Stones and Nirvana all played here and the region spawned the likes of the Apple Jacks, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judah's Priest, Duran Duran, UB40, Wizard, Slade, The Beat, The Twang, The Streets to name but a few.

Please join us on our quest to celebrate our history aswell as British and international music and help showcase the unsigned talent we wish to help project into the stratosphere with the greats of the past and present.


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